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Life of power adapter

Release date:2017-07-31 Browse times:59
What are the factors that affect the life of the power adapter?
Power adapter is the AC input to the DC output device, the principle of its work is mainly controlled by the IC power switch closed, to maintain stable voltage output.
However, this voltage must be ripple, and then use the filter to filter, IC is generally not a problem, so if there is a problem
That is the filter capacitor problem.
So we talk about the first problem is the power adapter and adapter inside the filter capacitor capacitance, easy to damage, but this is not absolute, you can give me to speak of other components will also appear in the course of the problem, resulting in power supply to work. But we're talking about the laws of large numbers, without thinking about accidents.
Filter capacitor power adapter in the commonly used solution (also available capacitors, solid capacitors, price nature is so far away) solution capacitance in the working process of temperature will be very high, and its service life is inversely proportional to the temperature, the higher the temperature is, the shorter service life. Capacitor is absolutely influence the life of the general company is the lifetime of thousands of hours, and the relative power adapter life will be greatly limited, we use the factory power supply industry ranked three, the lifetime is generally in more than 50000 hours, about 50000 hours the filter capacitor will bulge, power adapter will no longer work.